MC Server Soft

The oldest maintained Minecraft Server Wrapper for Windows.
Powering your Server since Beta 1.5

Download v12.1.0

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1/Windows 7 or higher.
With .NET Framework 4.8 installed.
A basic understanding of Minecraft servers is also required.

Screenshot of the main window

Here are some features you'll fall in love with

Online Playerlist

In a blink of an eye you can see the online players with their in-game avatar.

Lots of supported server types

Vanilla, CraftBukkit, Spigot, PaperSpigot, Forge, Fabric, Bedrock, BungeeCord and Waterfall.


Run tasks at a certain time or interval. Say goodbye to automated broadcast plugins and custom scripts.

Config and Log readers

Want to change something really quick or want to inspect something without having to search too hard for it?

Modern UI

MC Server Soft has always tried to make the GUI as simple and useful to the user as possible. I can now proudly say that it is one of the best looking server managers out there.

Live statistics

The dashboard provides an easy overview where you can monitor your server at a glance. You can view useful information like online players, memory & cpu usage, uptime and much more.

Ad-free experience

No ads, limits, or hardcoded messages. Mcss is truly free for everyone to use.


Keep your server files safe with backups. These can be automated with the scheduler.

Developer API

Use the API to build awesome things. External automation tools, remote access. Not a developer? Don't worry, you can still use what others have made.

Planned features

Plugin manager

Easily manage plugins and mods.

Server versioning

Version detection for server .jar & .exe files.

Server clusters

Groups of servers that can be controlled as one.


What is a server wrapper?

A server wrapper is a program that doesn't change anything about the Minecraft server itself. It is an UI built on top of the server console, with the purpose of adding additional functionality and ease management for the server owner.

Is this free?


Is this a 24/7 service?

MC Server Soft is not a service, it is software that you run on your computer. You are hosting the server, not us.

Player cap or any other limit?

Mcss doesn't add any caps or limits to your Minecraft server. The performance of your pc/server and networking will determine those factors.

Does this work on linux or macOS?

No unfortunately not. Mcss is Windows only.

Can I run mcss on a VPS?

Yes, if it is running Windows Server 2008R2 SP1 and up.

More frequently asked questions and issues can be found in the documentation.